About Us

Your online provider of independent, biased, FC Luzern related propaganda since 2008. 

JCBT is the glorious brainchild of a Hammarby supporting, football fanatical Swede who found himself living in Luzern in 2008. It started off as a blog where he would write about his experiences and adventures following FC Luzern. His humourous blog quickly gained a cult following within the English speaking community of Switzerland.

It took off in 2009 when the Swede got to know a few more mugs who offered to contribute to the site and before we knew it, we had regular readers all over the world in places that one would not expect to find someone interested in FC Luzern, in English.

In 2011, following FC Luzern’s move back to the Allmend we took the decision to redesign the site with the aim of turning the No. 1 English language football site in Switzerland into the greatest FC Luzern website out there.

The contributors to JCBT have a common interest in football, and supporting FC Luzern fills that gap in our lives. 

We are:

Måns – Hammarby fan

Alex – Gillingham fan

Michael – Dunfermline fan

Manu – FC Luzern fan

Simon – FC Luzern fan 


Lucifer Sam (whom we don’t really know much about, but he knows more about FCL than us lot combined!)