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First of all, if you hadn’t noticed it, our football american based essay writers career has slowed down a bit recently, maybe Murat’s football made us a bit sleepy. The good news is we just woke up.

We made our way down to the ground to start challenging for our SECOND European trophy this season (the first one being the very prestigious ‘first top flight club to sack the manager this season’)

It was the first European game played in Luzern for15 years. Due to these circumstances we expected a full stadium. Surprisingly there were only about 8000 people in the stadium. But it turned out that quality beats quantity when it comes to the support at Allmend

The circumstances were special, we had a very bad start to the season, and only two days previously Murat Yakin had been sacked. Polish coach Ryszard Komornicki took over and had the difficult task of preparing the team for this international game on such a short notice. K.R.C. Genk is a team from Belgium and finished last season in third place. The season before they were the champions of Belgium and qualified for the Champions League where they played Chelsea, Valencia & Leverkusen. On the paper, Genk is favourite in this play-off round and has the better chances to go through to the group stage.

We did not expect a lot from this evening, we were just happy to have an international game in the city. We’ve spent the afternoon in town and had some beers with some friendly and sympathic Genk supporters. There was a lot of police in town, but as far as we know there were thankfully no trouble between the supporters. The Genk supporters (around 700-900) meet up around the Reuss. As far as we know there biggest issue was the price of the beer in Luzern and the so called “Dutch piss..? they got for it. After spending the afternoon in town and some more beers at Zone we went to the stadium.

Despite the non alcoholic beer rip-off available (even worse than the ‘Dutch piss’) it turned out to be a great night. FC Luzern started how we expect to start on a home game, with a lot of pressure from the first minute. The effort paid off and Rangelov scored already after seven minutes. It was the first time this season the FCL gone in front. Unfortunately Genk scored just four minutes later. But this seemed to have no influence on the team and especially not on our support. Murat-free FCL fought on and created a lot of good chances which unfortunately never resulted in any further goals.

The Genk away sector was full, they turned up with a good away mob and made some proper support in the first half. The second half was a bit quiet from their side. Maybe they got a bit tired from the 10 hour trip and the non alcoholic beer.

Our team started the second half like they finished the first one. A lot of offensive efforts and fighting spirit. This is how we want to see FCL play. The players rediscovered how to play football in a way that was missing while in Murat’s claws. We probably created as many chances as we did in all the last six games put together. In the 71th minute Adrian Winter scored the 2-1 after a nice pass from Lezcano (yes, honestly, he really did). The goal celebration was just mind-blowing!

Not only the team seemed to perform beyond what we have been used to, the Luzern home support was probably the best in the new stadium ever. It seemed that the FCL fans were just happy to have their FCL back. We sang about 90minutes in full power and even the usually more quite supporters at the sides were joined in. Even former JCBT star Cristian Ianu #17,who spent the game in sector C, was delighted and provided us with another great video.

We now have new hopes for the rest of this season in general and longer term we may actually even be able to turn Swisspor Lifestyle Arena into Fortress Allmend.

The game ended 2-1 and we still have a reasonable chance of going through to the group stage. 

We can’t wait for Thursday and hoping for a Sion-Cup-Semi-Final-Away-XXL-Style-Trip ! (hopefully only the great alcoholic Belgian beer will be served)

Super Luzern allez schalalalala,
Die schönschti Stadt am See schalalalalala! 
Blau und Wiiis, ja das send eusi Farbeee!!!”