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The wait is almost over.  The party train is back, this time heading to Tuna where at our last visit a ball boy was “almost hit” by a flaming rain of pyrotechnics. The FC Luzern version of the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, or for a more modern analogy – Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

The war on fans started and it was based on a lie. All very eloquently exposed in an article in the Stelzbock and then republished on Allmend United.  

So back to present time. FCL looked uncomfortable, even nervous against FCZ last weekend. No doubt is last season is at the back of the minds of our players when we after a fantastic autumn suffered a dramatic collapse in the second half.

Murat Yakin and the entire team are feeling the pressure not to let this happen again.

So who are Tuna? Well they are a small team from a small town living in the shadows of Bern and the Young Boys. People outside Switzerland will know them for the Champions League exploits back in 2005 when our own Nelson Ferreira managed to score for them away at Arsenal.

Apart from a brief media interest in an under-age sex scandal involving several players (no Young Boys were not involved) they have since returned to their natural state of obscurity.

Tuna were promoted to top flight two years ago, they did rather ok in their first super league season, in fact so well that Big Walter decided to replace Fringer with Hakans big brother.

Tuna also built a brand new can. It looks rather like something you might buy at IKEA. It has 10.000 seats and features a plastic pitch.

Annoyingly it only sells alcoholic beverages to the fishes. However in an heroic act of selflessness a merry gang of FCL fans infiltrated the home section and set up a beer exporting business shipping the real stuff through the fence. Just can’t beat that hope and pray that a similar system will be in place on Saturday.

We expect a really good day out with plenty of LU filling up our train with Eichhofs, fondues, raclettes and white russians.

Temperature is expected to be between -7 to -10