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We go to a lot of games. Sometimes we even remember enough to write a match report.

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Lucifer Sam has seen it all - the championship season, UEFA cup and Challenge league. 

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You stumble off the Party Train in a foreign wasteland. As always, knowledge is key to survival.

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Reading 1999

When I was a child I was very aware that I hated most of the music that was played to me. My Dad listened to nothing but Simon and Garfunkel, which I didn’t find awful but my two older sisters listened to the total rubbish that was played on Radio One during the daytime. For those of you who don’t know it, Radio One during the day time (that bit is very important!) is for people who don’t really like music. You can tell these people because when you ask them what sort of music they are into, they reply with the line “I like a bit of everything.” Of course you do.

Radio One at night is where things got good. 8-10 was Steve Lamacq, then until midnight John Peel. It was brilliant and introduced me to all manner of bands. In 1999, after a few years of reading about it in the NME, me and a couple of mates went to Reading Festival for the very first time. Things would never be the same again. From the opening by The Donnas right up until the Red Hot Chilli Peppers three days later, it was as much fun as any 16 year old boy could have.

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