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Match Reports

We go to a lot of games. Sometimes we even remember enough to write a match report.

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Lucifer Sam has seen it all - the championship season, UEFA cup and Challenge league. 

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Some people just don't conform. You know you're special when you're in the LEHoF.

Who Are They?

You stumble off the Party Train in a foreign wasteland. As always, knowledge is key to survival.

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Your online provider of independent, biased, FC Luzern related propaganda since 2008.

FC Aarau

What the f. is Aarau?

Aarau is the capital of the canton of Argovia. It is a small town of 15.000 inhabitants conveniently located between Zurich and Basel. FC Aarau is, of course, their football team. It was according to wikipedia founded by workers from a local bewery.

Are they any good?

A-herm. No. Most teams expect to beat FC Aarau. They are probably the smallest team in the german speaking part of Switzerland. However, they have to get some credit for their impressive record of winning relegation battles, Aarau has been in the first division since 1981 – much better than many so-called big teams.

The brewers of Aarau sobered up and won the league twice 1912 and 1914. After this not much happened until 1993 when current FC Luzern coach Rolf Fringer led them to their third Swiss championship.

Where do they play?

At the 9200 capacity Brugglifeld Stadium. Small, but considering that filling it takes two thirds of the towns population to show up probably big enough. The ground has a main stand, unusually next to it a miniature copy. The rest of the ground is all standing and has no cover. The home fans, or ‘ultras’or what-have-you (200 or so) stands opposite the main stand on a terrace that stretches the whole lenght of the pitch.

Whats it like to visit?

Aarau is easy to get to since its close to the magical Olten railway station, the mandatory stop for ALL Swiss trains. The ground is a short walk from the stadium, pass a few houses with perfect lawns and walk along a pleasant river and you’re there. Getting in is a bit of a wait as usual. Hopefully the clubs hosting games starts realises that one single turnstile for over a thousand visitors isnt enough.

Well inside it’s basic. Similar to what the old Allmend offered its visitors. There are maybe 10 proper steps in visiting end, above these there is a grassy hill. Incredible the club has only four toilets for the visiting fans (if its FCL, FCB or FCZ likely to reach 2000). Beers are on sale for the usual 5 CHF.